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WELCOME to Monte Fitness Center!  We are proud to offer a unique variety of fitness opportunities to improve your over-all health.  At MFC we pride ourselves on our clean and friendly environment, as well as our excellent classes!  Every instructor and personal trainer at MFC is certified and educated in their field of instruction.  We understand the possible intimidation when starting a new fitness routine; however, we all remember what it felt like on our first day!  You will never find instructors at MFC who make you feel inadequate, so join us and start your journey towards a healthier you! 

Upcoming Schedule of Events

f Time Event
9/29/15   Instructor on maternity leave...adjusted schedule in effect
Tuesday, Pilates 9:20am Cancelled
   Wednesday, 5:30-6:00pm will be Movement Stretch Class for the next few weeks


During the summer months, class attendance can become unpredictable.  We love that our members are creative in finding new ways to get healthy and fit during the warmer weather, even when it's not in a class.  We base our classes on consistent attendance, so you may notice that some classes will be temporarily cut during August.  We will keep this website and the printed schedule up-to-date so you can be confident with any changes.

As always we appreciate and value your input and ideas, so keep them coming!


24 Hour Access Available

Mon-Thurs    9-7pm
Friday       9-3:30pm
Saturday     9-12pm 

210 S Main St.  Montesano, WA  98563    360-249-0073  


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